Your Management Coach & Mentor

Coaching, mentoring and training for new managers and established leaders

Is your workplace a demanding, fast-paced & challenging environment?

Organisations often have very high expectations of their people. None of that is wrong, but it’s important to recognise that people can become overwhelmed by the array of demands placed upon them and will sometimes face problems for which they need additional support and guidance.

This can be particularly true of new managers, although it’s fair to say they don’t have the monopoly on that!

Areas Of Expertise

In my experience, managers at all levels need help sometimes, whether they are dealing with a challenging team member, struggling to assert themselves with peers and managers, or simply trying to keep all those plates spinning!

I provide support and guidance by bringing calm, logical clarity and business insight through coaching and mentoring, either as a rapid response intervention or by building longer-term relationships.

Being independent and objective, I can help managers to work through the demands and challenges they face and emerge with rational and pragmatic solutions.