Coaching and Training

Managers & Leaders

121 coaching and personal development for leaders who are:

  • Established
  • New
  • Aspiring

Operational teams

Training and development for team members in:

  • Customer Service
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal Development

Our Services

Established leaders

Organisations rightly expect a lot from their established leaders, but we all know that they sometimes need additional support. We offer a safe environment to have open and honest, sometimes challenging conversations to help them build clarity, find focus, prioritise and problem-solve. 

New and aspiring leaders

Navigating the change needed to adapt from ‘doing the job’ to achieving their objectives through others can be tough. New Team Leaders are often caught in the middle, trying to manage both upwards and downwards.We offer the clear support and guidance they need to take this extraordinary leap.

operational teams

Whether it is learning how to manage difficult customer conversations, understanding customer service legislation or becoming a leader, we provide engaging training and development interventions to groups or individuals that will boost their personal effectiveness and their prospects.

Consulting Specialties

121 Coaching

If you would like help in achieving your career goals, overcoming operational or personal challenges in your role, or managing difficult situations, then we can help.

Tailored Training and Development

We offer customised training and development across a broad range of areas for frontline staff and new Team Leaders.

Online and e-learning

We also offer online training and e-learning modules. Get in touch to find out more.

common questions

Please submit your details on the contact us form, or email me:

We will ask you to explain your current situation including your role, experiences and challenges. We listen very carefully to understand how we can help you! We will then give you our initial thoughts about how your programme should look and make sure you are happy with that.

We will always agree your coaching objectives and length of programme up front. Depending on the nature of your coaching need, you can sometimes start to see changes happening straight away. But it’s important to remember that coaching is not a ‘quick fix’!

There are many variables that need to be taken into account, including the nature of the coaching need and length of programme required. We tailor the programme to suit the needs of our clients, so please contact us to find out more.

This very much depends on you and the nature of your coaching need. Once we have established that, we can agree an initial programme. However, like you, we want you to achieve your coaching goals as quickly as possible and so your programme will remain flexible and pragmatic.

We are based in Suffolk, but cover the whole of the UK. Sessions can be delivered virtually, or in person.